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Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions Inc. specializes in offering outsourced cannabis HR consulting, payroll compliance services, timekeeping, applicant tracking, and benefit administration solutions. Though our business solutions are focused on the cannabis industry, we work with a variety of industries to ensure that they are compliant with local, state, and federal laws. We understand that you spent money and time building your business from the ground up, so meeting compliance with these laws is a necessity. We pride ourselves on providing high direction and high support to companies that are heavily regulated or high-risk. We bring high-quality services that include marijuana HR consulting, payroll compliance, and tax reporting, and efficient banking designed to enhance your business.

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With Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions Inc., you will get the attention and care needed to make your business thrive. You won’t find the same level of professional commitment and dedication to personalized care anywhere else. Our client retention rate is 99%. Everyone on the team has a minimum of 10 years of prior experience in providing cannabis HR consulting services and payroll management. We strive to be the foremost proactive resource with a highly directive process for all our clients, no matter their industry.

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Our Business Solutions

  • Payroll Services
  • Human Resources
  • Banking Services

Payroll Services

Our marijuana payroll compliance services offer the best technology for employee benefits, timekeeping, workers’ comp, and more.

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Human Resources

Our in-depth cannabis human resources services cover background screening, onboarding, and other elements.

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Banking Services

We help clients get the necessary bank accounts after proceeding through an anti-money laundering system.

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Contact us today to schedule your free consultation on a comprehensive administrative solution for your modern business with one of our business specialists. We will discuss our banking, payroll, and HR options for cannabis companies to find the best fit for you.


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Our Cannabis Business Services

We have supported cannabis businesses from day one. As a firm with a strong track record in providing cannabis-friendly HR, payroll, and banking services rolled into one, we are ready to help you rise to any challenge that could come your way.

Marijuana Industry Payroll

Put your payroll in competent hands. Leverage our experience and expertise in payroll management.

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Cannabis HR Consulting

We’re here to help you make smart recruitment choices and build a fierce team to streamline your workflow.

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Cannabis-Friendly Banking

Our team will help with creating systems to achieve transparent banking. Having correct AML and BSA documentation.

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I was looking for an HR and payroll service that can help me understand the technical side of things and help me sort out the paperwork. That is exactly what I got. Looking forward to what comes next.

Geena Fritz,
Marijuana dispensary owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you outsource payroll in the cannabis industry?


Most small to mid-sized businesses across the U.S. prefer to do things the old-fashioned way and manage payroll in-house. But some companies have turned to an efficient and more cost-effective option: outsourced payroll. For a small business, outsourcing payroll is a convenient and secure way to cut costs while streamlining and simplifying the business process.
Outsourcing makes even more sense in the cannabis industry, and not just for the financial aspect. The growing demands of the industry have many business owners searching for “weed HR consulting services” and “weed payroll providers”. Because of the strict compliance challenges cannabis businesses encounter, outsourcing payroll and HR makes it easier for owners and managers to focus on the essential business functions.

Does HR manage payroll?


Running payroll is one of the main functions of Human Resource Management. In addition to handling the complex administrative and compliance functions of paying employees, the service covers a wide range of associated functions.

The comprehensive marijuana payroll services we offer cover the following:

  • Processing payroll
  • Managing employee forms
  • Handling direct deposit
  • Managing deductions
  • Handling wage garnishments
  • Issuing state-specific new hire reports
  • Filing federal and state payroll taxes
  • Issuing worker’s compensation
  • Preparing quarterly and online reports
  • Regulating employee online access
  • Processing requests submitted online, by email, or phone

What are the 7 functions of HR?


The seven key functions of our HR for cannabis companies are as follows:

  • Talent hiring: evaluating applications, shortlisting candidates, running background checks, and conducting interviews
  • Onboarding: introducing new employees to the organization
  • Training management: organizing and coordinating company training
  • Performance appraisal: performance monitoring and assessments
  • Workforce engagement: boosting employee motivation and productivity
  • Payroll management: payroll done without a hitch and right on schedule
  • Compliance management: ensuring compliance for a risk-free business process

What are the benefits of outsourcing human resources?


The key benefit of outsourcing the management of human resources to a cannabis HR consulting company such as Green Leaf Business Solutions is that we will give you tailored and comprehensive marijuana HR consulting. Our goal is to help you save time and money in the long run. We are responsive and responsible to our clients and we strive to deliver a high standard of customer service to the clients we partner with. Just like you, we are in it for the long haul.

What do human resources do for a cannabis business?


Think of outsourcing HR as a way to breathe new life into your cannabis business without adding to your workload. When planning your HR procedures, your marijuana consulting firm will start by developing an action plan. We already have expertise in the cannabis industry, so we can quickly adapt to your business and meet legal requirements without any time-consuming guesswork.
Our work scope includes issuing management manuals, customized employee handbooks and state and city-specific packets for new employees, as well as setting up a customized electronic onboarding system. Ensuring compliance is critical to our HR mission.
To make sure nothing goes unnoticed, we have an online tracking and record-keeping system in place. We will also take care of employee benefits and employ strategies to raise employee satisfaction and, by extension, overall productivity.

What are your basic banking services?


Within what you may call “weed industry banking”, we set up your bank accounts, making way for safe and secure financial transactions. Whether you have plenty of experience in this domain or none at all, this is an opportunity to reduce your workload effectively. We can accommodate processing payroll with or without established banking.

We offer transparent banking, as well as cannabis HR consulting services and marijuana dispensary payroll. If you want things to run smoothly and function like clockwork, we will do our best to foster and facilitate your company’s growth.

In terms of banking, payroll, HR, and other services we offer, we strive to craft tailored solutions to best serve you and your business. Our approach will enable you to carve your path to success and maintain a sharp competitive edge in the fiercely competitive market. Hold the reins and steer your business in your desired direction while we handle the technicalities and paperwork. Seize the opportunity to explore new avenues of possibility and pursue new ventures while we help you streamline your work process and keep risks of errors and slip-ups at a record low.

What makes your HR, banking & payroll service stand out?


Are you looking for tailored banking, payroll, and HR for cannabis companies that will support your business processes without disrupting your workflow or hindering your development? Step right up.
At Green Leaf Biz Solutions, we offer flexible, customized solutions delivered in a time-efficient manner. Helping clients in the cannabis industry grow and overcome demanding challenges is our specialty. Our main assets? Our customer-oriented service and dedication.
Additionally, we move with the times and rely on innovative, fully integrated technology with special scheduling and time-keeping features. This allows us to streamline the process, but we also keep things traditional where it matters most and offer personal, hands-on assistance in the HR department.
Aside from marijuana dispensary payroll, HR consulting, the recruitment process, employee relations, and benefits, we manage banking, compliance, and the Bureau of Cannabis Control on your behalf. If you want a safe and secure solution that will help you stay compliant and free to focus on working on your business growth, we are ready to be your partner. Schedule a consultation and your free HR assessment now!