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Meet the Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions Inc. Team

Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions Inc. has a team of hard-working professionals dedicated to helping your business grow. Our founders have over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, including banking, human resources and payroll, particularly with Fortune 1000 companies. We understand what our clients want and need and how to help them excel in their industry.

Although the team provides this expertise and knowledge for all types of businesses, its niche is the cannabis industry and making sure those businesses comply with all local, state and federal laws. We are essentially the guiding light for these high-risk businesses in navigating complicated laws to ensure that their businesses stay open.

Marc Rodriguez


Marc Rodriguez is the president and co-founder of Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions Inc. He started his career in residential door-to-door sales, where he mastered the art of sales. Marc quickly moved into leadership roles; he was responsible for creating company culture through human resources best practices while keeping top and bottom-line revenue in order. Marc led a team of 50 all-commission-based sales representatives across multiple states.

He was eventually recruited to a Fortune 1000 payroll and HR outsourcing company, where he led the highest-grossing sales and service organization in the country. Based in San Diego, the hotbed for cannabis activity, Marc saw firsthand the challenges that business owners in the cannabis industry were facing.

This dilemma sparked Marc’s interest, and Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions Inc. was born. Marc, with his spouse Kira, set out to build a cannabis-focused payroll and HR outsourcing organization in a fully transparent way.

Today, Green Leaf services clients in over 30 states across the country. Green Leaf is a leader in AML compliant banking, payroll and HR outsourcing to the cannabis industry.

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Kira Amundsen


Kira Amundsen is the vice president and co-founder of Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions Inc. When Kira started her career, she was on a much different path: her path was of the arts, including makeup artistry, and she even spent some time as a tattoo apprentice. At some point during the early years of figuring out her career path, she was introduced to sales and fell in love.


Her first position was inside sales, where she learned how to effectively move product while only getting to know her clients over the phone. Within the first year, Kira was the top producer. This position took her to a career opportunity with a Fortune 1000 payroll and HR provider. She spent years selling payroll and learning the ins and outs of federal, state and local tax laws. Payroll became a way for Kira to use her creative side in helping clients solve issues.

She helped clients learn what went wrong with their provider and how to fix it, often while speaking to the IRS and state agencies at the same time. It became her passion to help clients understand how payroll and benefits work together.

After mastering payroll, Kira then took on the challenge of selling 401K plans to help small and medium-sized business owners add value and a future for themselves and their employees. She spent years consulting with business owners on how to effectively process payroll, add tax shelters and even consult on the right HR processes. Kira knew she had more to offer clients than just being a sales rep; she knew she could offer a service that would be better than the rest.

Together, Kira and Marc set out to build Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions Inc., where their motto is “Partner, Not Provider.” Green Leaf stands behind striving to have the best customer service and always having a person to call on.

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Tyler Priest


Tyler Priest is the vice president of strategic accounts for Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions Inc. Tyler started his career in sales in a mom and pop gym in Riverside. By working in a small business, he was able to see the struggles and pitfalls that business owners can face. He was also able to see the difficulties that a business owner can face and how facing them along can be daunting.


From there, Tyler was able to jump into the world of payroll and HR. He was able to work for the Fortune 1000 company Paychex Inc. This is where he learned the value of providing the highest level of customer service and how a growing business needs good partners to expand.

Year after year, Tyler set record numbers in Paychex. He attributed his success to always putting the owner and clients first. Tyler realized that a lot of industries were not offering the best solutions and were being turned away. He began to work with Green Leaf, and the idea of providing a high level of customer service and state of the art technology to all industries, including the high-risk industry of cannabis, began.

Tyler is a life-long learner and dedicated to continue growing as a businessman and investor in Green Leaf. He was motivated to start the company with his two partners, Marc and Kira, because there was a need for businesses to truly have the “white glove” service that they need. Companies in high-risk areas weren’t allowed to have the same support and service that they deserve, and Tyler is motivated to bring about the best quality and support to all his clients. Now with his name on the door, he can provide a level of service that he hasn’t been able to in his previous roles.

In addition to his workplace experience, Tyler has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration; this education has given him a strong foundation for working with small to medium-sized businesses.

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