Streamlined Recruitment with Applicant Tracking

Efficiently manage your hiring process with our advanced applicant tracking service.

Revolutionize hiring with applicant tracking

An applicant tracking service (ATS) is an essential tool for your HR department. It can significantly streamline the hiring process. When faced with the challenging task of sifting through hundreds of resumes, ATS can prove to be invaluable. It efficiently analyzes resumes, honing in on essential job-related qualifications and experiences. This streamlined process enables HR professionals to focus on candidates who best match the job criteria.

Apart from this advanced resume analysis, our applicant tracking service offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities. These include job posting management, candidate data organization, interview scheduling facilitation, and more. This multifaceted system significantly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing the HR team to concentrate on more strategic aspects like candidate engagement and talent development.

Manage applicant data & streamline interviews with no hassle

Applicant tracking is the key to organizing and managing candidate information effectively. It simplifies the recruitment process by providing a centralized platform for all candidate data. This efficiency ensures that no promising candidate is overlooked and the hiring process is optimized:

  • Centrally organizes all candidate data
  • Streamlines tracking of applicants throughout the hiring process
  • Facilitates informed decision-making
  • Automates interview scheduling
  • Enhances overall candidate experience

Widen the candidate pool with easy job posting

Another important function of the ATS is job posting. It makes job posting across various platforms easier, which ensures a wider audience and a more diverse candidate pool. This feature, combined with efficient resume parsing, can significantly speed up the recruitment process.

  • Expands visibility of job openings
  • Attracts a diverse candidate pool
  • Integrates with social media for wider reach
  • Automates candidate profile creation from resumes
  • Speeds up the identification of suitable applicants

Hire the candidates strategically with precise data

Data-driven decision-making is one of the most important parts of an effective recruitment strategy. Applicant tracking provides valuable insights and analytics that help refine the hiring process. This helps businesses make informed, strategic decisions.

  • Enhances team collaboration in recruitment
  • Provides real-time communication tools
  • Offers analytics for better hiring decisions
  • Tracks key hiring metrics
  • Identifies areas for recruitment process improvement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of applicant tracking?


Applicant tracking refers to the process of managing and organizing candidate data during the recruitment process. It involves tracking applicants’ progress from application submission through to hiring, using specialized software to streamline and optimize the hiring process.

How do recruiters track applicants?


Recruiters track applicants using applicant tracking services, which centralize and organize all candidate information. These systems automate various aspects of the recruitment process, including resume sorting, interview scheduling, and candidate communication, making it easier for recruiters to manage and evaluate applicants.

What should I look for in an applicant tracking system


When choosing an ATS, look for features like advanced resume analysis, efficient candidate management, automated interview scheduling, collaboration tools, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. These functionalities help streamline the hiring process and enable strategic decision-making.

How does ATS rank the resume?


An applicant tracking service ranks resumes based on how closely they match the job requirements. It uses algorithms to scan and evaluate resumes for keywords, skills, and other relevant criteria specified by the employer. The system then ranks candidates according to their suitability for the position, helping recruiters focus on the most promising applicants.