Effective Banking Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Gain access to the cannabis banking services you need

Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions Inc. helps cannabis operators and other heavily regulated or high-risk businesses obtain the bank accounts they require to process their payrolls, withdrawals, taxes, and more. We provide expert guidance on how to structure your company to get the necessary banking solutions. Our ability to deal with cash with our clients enables us to facilitate payrolls, invoices, taxes, and cash fees, allowing our clients to carry out payrolls and run their companies without delay.


Why obtain your banking solutions through Greenleaf?

AML & BSA process

We’ll vet your firm to ensure compliance with BSA and AML (Anti Money Laundering) regulations.

Extensive advice

We’ll advise on how to structure your cannabis company and get the required banking solutions.

Full-service banking

We’ll help you obtain the bank accounts you need to process taxes, payrolls, and withdrawals.

Oversight & compliance

We’ll work alongside your bank and cash depositories to ensure compliance for your business.

Cash-based solutions

We can deal with your cash for taxes, fees, and invoices, enabling you to run your firm without delay.


We cater to cannabis businesses of all sizes

Our company offers scalable and flexible banking solutions that can meet the needs of both small and large cannabis operators. We carefully assess each new client and carry out a comprehensive screening process to prove their company is compliant with BSA and AML regulations. Once your business has passed our vetting process and other steps, we will get in touch with our many banking partners and demonstrate that your business is clean, reputable, and positioned to take full advantage of their services.