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Helping you rise to the challenges of HR management

Maintaining proper compliance with local, state and federal laws can be quite challenging, especially when the laws are ever-changing. It doesn’t help that the laws are written in a way that makes it difficult to understand them and can sometimes even supersede each other. Some laws are specifically targeted towards your location, employee count or industry. At Green Leaf Business Solutions, we understand the frustration and strain this can cause you and your business, especially if you are in a high-risk, heavily regulated industry. Our HCM solution offers automated workflows and configurable forms streamline routine tasks, helping you navigate these complexities efficiently.

We understand that hiring a full-time human resources professional internally can be expensive. This is where HR outsourcing becomes a viable solution, offering expertise without the overhead of a full-time hire. The idea of doing it yourself would take too much time, not to mention the fear that it wouldn’t be done correctly or that you might face penalties and potential lawsuits. That is why we’ve created a hands-on HR management platform to assist you as you navigate through a variety of HR-related topics in a cost-effective, proactive manner.

Our flexible workflow engine streamlines numerous routine tasks such as approvals, updates, and changes, increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Our HR services include engaging employee experiences, reducing paperwork and enabling employees and managers to complete forms, update their information, and review requests through self-service tools and a mobile application.

Our platform offers comprehensive analytics as a single solution with one employee record, allowing you to create detailed reports and track key analytics for informed decision-making. For HR professionals, this means streamlining processes by eliminating duplicate data entry and manual processes, improving compliance, reducing time-to-hire, and welcoming new hires with seamless recruiting and onboarding solutions. For employees, this translates to easy access to personal information, completing onboarding forms from any device, and opportunities for career growth.


Take a shortcut to success with Green Leaf’s outsourced HR

Our HR management platform provides a single database that tracks all employee information, reducing your administrative workload and minimizing compliance risk. HR director services provide you with an action plan specifically geared towards you and your business, equipping you with the means to tackle every compliance requirement and mitigate risk at every corner, even in the most regulated environments.

No matter if you are a start-up or have been in business for decades, you have to possess documentation on new hires that meet the local, state, and federal laws. Our integrated approach incorporates HR consulting, payroll, and bookkeeping, ensuring a smooth flow from accurate timekeeping to comprehensive applicant tracking and employee benefits administration.


Our HR platform: ideal solution for your growing business

Our HR management platform is designed to evolve with you as your business grows by providing different levels of services when you need them. The benefits of HR outsourcing include effectively and successfully finding, hiring, and retaining better employees at no extra strain using our background screening option. You can also learn the best tools to train, manage and motivate your employees in an efficient, compliant manner.


Service centered around you and your business goals

Green Leaf’s greatest asset is that we also supply a dedicated HR consultant, known as an HR business partner (HR BP), available for answering all questions and generating ideas. Our goal is to help you establish effective HR practices and policies within your company.

Each HR BP is on-site and works with you one-on-one, ensuring a personalized approach to HR outsourcing. Our experts provide comprehensive support regarding every detail of human resources: hires and terminations, offer letters, job descriptions, employee handbooks, policies, training, scheduling, designing work structures, and more.

They can help you with your tactical, day-to-day operations, as well as your strategic, long-term goals. Having an expert HR BP as your single source of contact for HR issues is the key to protecting and growing your business.

Helping you foster a better work environment culture

In case you ever face an audit, we strive to design policies and procedures that will ultimately protect you, your business and your employees while also building an ideal work environment culture that changes for the better. With our management platform, you can become the employer of choice in your industry by creating the ideal company culture, showcasing the benefits of outsourcing HR.

Our Human Resources Support

Our HR platform also includes features like custom workflows and checklists, skills and certifications tracking, and more, offering you comprehensive HR support. We offer the following core functionalities and benefits:

leading providers of outsourced human resources services for a range of businesses
  • ADA compliant job descriptions
  • Background screening
  • Custom HR action plans and workflows
  • Dedicated HR business partners (HR BP) that are accessible whenever you need them
  • Electronic onboarding for new hires
  • Employee file audits
  • Employee handbooks
  • Federal, state (including multi-state) and local-compliant custom handbooks
  • Hiring and separation policies and procedures
  • Compensation surveys and plan development
  • HR-compliant standard operating procedures for employees
  • Human resources consulting
  • Management manuals
  • Manager and employee training
  • New hire packets
  • Online tracking and record-keeping
  • Support on interview processes
  • Wage and hour compliance support
  • Much more.

Discover our HR management platform

Grow your business with tailored HR solutions

Our HR management platform is designed to guide you through the various human resources operations needed to make your business thrive. We offer HR director service that covers supervising and managing the HR department using a three-pronged approach, developing and administering HR plans and procedures, and implementing, revising and updating compensation programs periodically. We can also handle preparing and implementing personnel policies and procedures, employee onboarding and learning management programs, recruitment, department records and reports, management meetings, recruiting HR specialists, and much more.

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