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Why take your chances and fret about what new regulations and requirements could spell for the future of your cannabis business when we provide human resources services to help make things easier and more efficient?

Qualified HR team

Our team holds certification and masters’ degrees in HR and is available to provide hands-on support.

Compliance secured

We will make sure you keep up and stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws. Let’s safeguard you against hefty slip-ups.

Sophisticated technology

Our user-friendly platform is all you need for efficient timekeeping and applicant tracking. Nothing flies under the radar.

Reliable assistance

We provide assistance with employee-related matters and issues, from background checks to harassment investigations.

Custom solutions

Our team has the means, the experience, and the expertise to perform rapid problem-solving in response to any challenge you encounter.

Integrated strategic HR. Tactical HR & crisis management.

Outsourced human relations director service

A service offering we are especially proud of is a fully outsourced HR solution, also called “weed HR consulting”, which is uniquely designed to serve the needs of your business. Your current employees and any new hires will be able to benefit from our streamlined HR consulting services. They combine strategic HR, tactical HR and crisis management. Our HR director service is the all-in-one solution for driving positive company culture among personnel and the betterment of your company’s internal organization and functioning in the long term.

Integrated strategic HR, tactical HR & crisis management

Outsourced human relations director service

In practical terms, that means we will handle any and all aspects of human resources for your company. We will help you oversee and manage human resources to coordinate and organize your workflow more smoothly and efficiently. We’ll assist your cannabis business in developing systems to meet specific HR department goals and objectives. The starting point here is developing and administering diverse HR plans and procedures for company personnel.

Integrated strategic HR, tactical HR & crisis management

Outsourced human relations director service

Within that service, we will recommend, create, develop and implement your long-term HR plans, affirmative action plans, personnel policies and procedures, and more, as well as prepare and maintain your Employee Handbook. We will set up a system to help you perform periodic functions such as implementing and updating annual compensation programs, conducting annual salary surveys, and setting up a merit pool to support pay increases across the entire organization. The comprehensive service includes compensation analysis and performance evaluation monitoring to help you see if there is need for revisions and adjustments.

Integrated strategic HR, tactical HR & crisis management

Outsourced human relations director service

Our HR for cannabis companies includes detailed recruitment procedures and building and maintaining a seamless employee on-boarding program, as well as record-keeping and organizing meetings: 

  • Developing and implementing a strategic recruitment plan
  • Ensuring selection of highly qualified personnel
  • Developing and maintaining an affirmative action program in accordance with Equal Employment Opportunity principles
  • Facilitating and coordinating the recruitment process
  • Overseeing benefit enrollment and annual enrollment
  • Keeping up-to-date records and reports on department activities and personnel
  • Taking part in administrative staff meetings and setting up HR admin meetings

Integrated strategic HR, tactical HR & crisis management

Outsourced human relations director service

Our goal is the same as yours: making continual improvements in efficiency and productivity while saving you valuable resources. To achieve that, we will explore all available avenues to recommend new, more adequate approaches, policies, and procedures as part of our cannabis HR services. We can be the ace up your sleeve and your tool for a sharp competitive edge.

best hr consulting for cannabis companies

reliable cannabis human resources services

Taking a no-nonsense approach to your business

We cover cannabis businesses of every size

Regardless of your company size, compliance is a challenge, one we are determined to help you rise to as you grow. The process starts with a free HR assessment we offer our prospective clients. If you decide to partner with us, we can build you a comprehensive HR service package. Our goal is to help you stay on top of your game and turn your business into an unstoppable force that you have worked so hard to develop. Our HR consulting for cannabis companies covers detailed background screening, onboarding, cannabis employee handbooks, professional development programs, and more to help you build a winning team.

Specialized Marijuana Business Payroll Processing

Promoting your smooth growth and prosperity

Customized solutions to drive your growth

We are here to provide you with innovative cannabis human resources services and help set the wheels in motion for your success story. We’re a marijuana HR consulting company who designs strategies with your business challenges in mind and tailors them to your exact needs. We can also help take some of that pressure off by providing you with tailored all-in-one cannabis HR services that combine HR consulting services, payroll compliance, banking, and more. If you are a newcomer to the blossoming cannabis industry, we can help you set up an efficient HR process, put together a dream team, and stay compliant while you focus on making a profit.


Custom HR options for the cannabis industry

Get the full outsourced HR solution for your cannabis company

When designing your custom marijuana HR consulting services, we take into consideration the changing needs of your business. For instance, we can create your integrated COVID-19 HR and employee service by incorporating the below elements:

  • Reporting (notifying internal insurance team of COVID-19-positive cases, submitting work comp notifications if applicable, and reviewing timecards for PTO balance)
  • Employee services (answering questions from employees and managers, particularly in relation to quarantine times, RTW dates and best practices, issuing and distributing notifications)
  • Internal team coordination (coordinating cleanings by working with internal facilities and retail teams, notifying managers of cleanings and best practices, reviewing videos with the security team for verification/investigation purposes)
  • Safety (ensuring the implementation of COVID Prevention Plan and safety practices per local, state, or federal guidance)
  • Compliance (ensuring adherence to local, state, or federal guidance)


Leading solutions in your industry

Specialized managed HR services for dispensaries

In a sector as dynamic as this, cannabis HR outsourcing serves to create a reliable system that supports and propels company growth. We specialize in cannabis-managed HR director services, providing your business with the strategic oversight needed to navigate the complex landscape of this industry. From HR outsourcing for dispensaries to more comprehensive options, we tailor our solutions to fit your unique needs, ensuring that your operations are as progressive as your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of cannabis HR consulting?


These are the key benefits outsourcing the management of human resources brings to cannabis business owners:

  • Finding and recruiting top local talent
  • Organizing on-site training
  • Handling employee benefits
  • Access to HR resources
  • Guaranteed compliance

As an added perk, you will be able to create workflows for HR tasks at the push of a button, and we will take over from there. We know it is not easy for cannabis companies to function because they face greater risks and challenges than other companies, which is why the services commonly referred to as “weed HR consulting” have been our top priority from day one.

What tasks of HR are typically outsourced in the cannabis industry?


Outsourcing HR to an experienced cannabis HR consulting company is an amazing way to boost the profitability and productivity of your business in the long run. It is an investment in the longevity of your business. 

If you run a marijuana dispensary, the heat is on and hard to stand, what with all the heavy regulations and compliance requirements your cannabis business has to meet. Because of these specific challenges you face, all key human resources services could be outsourced:

  • Talent hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Training management
  • Performance appraisal
  • Workforce engagement
  • Payroll management
  • Compliance management

At Green Leaf Business Solutions, we offer customized solutions, so it is up to you to create your HR package. For instance, we can handle just the payroll process for your cannabis business while you do the rest. We can also combine all of it in a single neatly organized and smoothly coordinated service which incorporates specialized cannabis industry banking and 401k benefit administration for cannabis businesses so you can focus on the essential functions of your business.

We are here to help you overcome the complexity of Bureau of Cannabis Control regulations and other employee-related matters, issues, and requirements.

What labor laws apply to my cannabis company?


As exciting as starting a new cannabis business may be, now that medicinal and recreational marijuana has been legalized in California and many other states, there is still so much to learn. But when you have a leading HR consulting company for a partner, you have a valuable, reliable resource at your disposal.

We will help you achieve payroll compliance by adapting your operation to the changing requirements in a timely manner and compile a list of all the labor laws that apply to your organization, track changes to these laws, and document and report to you new law proposals.

How can outsourcing improve the effectiveness of HR?


Cannabis managed HR services translate into a strategic advantage for your business. Our comprehensive service focuses on aligning human resource practices with your business goals, which increases overall effectiveness.

With managed HR director services for dispensaries, you have a team that’s well-versed in the specific needs of this sector, from compliance to talent management, ensuring your operations run smoothly. This tailored approach means this sector of your business could become a driving force behind success, making managed HR services for cannabis companies an invaluable asset.

Can HR increase employee satisfaction?


Managed HR director services are key to fostering a positive work environment and enhancing employee satisfaction. Through implementing managed HR services for dispensaries, we provide a suite of solutions that address the complete employee needs.

From creating clear career pathways to offering solid benefits and professional development opportunities, we ensure your team feels valued and supported. Our HR outsourcing for cannabis companies means that every function is handled with care, reflecting your commitment to your staff’s well-being and career growth.

Where do I find reliable cannabis human resources services?


We strive to offer a premium standard of customer-oriented service to all our clients, with special focus on HR for cannabis companies. Aside from what’s often called “weed HR consulting services”, which include payroll and banking, we provide sophisticated accounting for cannabis dispensaries and perform cannabis industry-specific tax preparation.

At Green Leaf Business Solutions, you will find all the resources you need to keep things running smoothly and without a hitch. This way, you can focus on devising effective business strategies and forging strong relationships with employees and customers alike to increase revenue and lay foundations for expansion. We can help make your ideas materialize and your plans for the future of your increasingly successful cannabis business become a reality.

We already share your passion, so why not also share your vision with us? For more details, contact us now!


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