Partner With Us

Whether you are a bookkeeper, a CPA or some other member of the accounting community, we want to help you with your clients. Partner with us, and let us guarantee compliance when it comes to banking, human resources and payroll. We supply up-to-date information and expertise, along with backend online access to your client’s reports, all at your fingertips.


For insurance brokers, we understand that you must work with providers that respect your business rather than take your client. You can find that level of respect at Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions Inc.; we value our providers and aim for reciprocal relationships that offer great rates and integrated services to our clients. By working together, we can help offer your clients a more comprehensive solution that also keeps you relevant and competitive in today’s market place.

For TPA’s, record keepers and other financial advisors, we know that the biggest competition in today’s industry is having a fully integrated provider that serves you. At Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions Inc., we offer the same services as your competition by way of 180 or 360-degree integration for employees while also keeping your service intact. This integration is vital when it comes to selling clients.

If you have a client in a heavily regulated or high-risk industry, or if you have questions regarding banking, human resources or payroll compliance, contact us and partner with us today.