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advanced solutions for outsourcing your payroll management

Green Leaf Business Solutions utilizes a top-of-the-line, transparent and comprehensive payroll suite that allows you to process quickly, efficiently, and with maximum transparency. The significance behind the transparent payroll suite is that all of our partners know who our clients are, whether they are in the cannabis field or some other industry. Our payroll suite comes with dedicated support specialists, so you know your taxes and employees will be paid accurately and on time. We dedicate a single source of support, regardless of whether you are processing your payroll via phone, email, or online.

Our payroll platform encompasses employee self-service, a variety of integrated timekeeping options and a mobile-friendly solution that allows you to access payroll from anywhere at the push of a button. It can accommodate certified payroll and job costing, as well as labor distribution reporting and a set of APIs to allow for third-party integration with our platform.

Next-level payroll management with Green Leaf

Leverage our unified, high-end platform to minimize the hassle of payroll management while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. The incorporation of payroll solutions with our HCM suite brings a host of benefits and functionalities to take advantage of:

  • Labor distribution and job costing reporting providing insight and 280(e) tracking of employee cost for effective management and financial planning.
  • Smooth onboarding where we provide comprehensive training and maintain a single source of support throughout, guaranteeing your transition is successful and stress-free.
  • Our payroll solution’s native integration with our HCM suite facilitates continuous processing and real-time access to reports and analytics for enhanced accuracy and efficiency in payroll management, with real-time updates throughout the system.
  • We cater to various payroll scenarios, including shift differentials, multiple positions, and locations, with our flexible pay rules engine. This adaptability ensures that our outsource payroll services fit seamlessly with your organizational structure.
  • Simplified tax and legal regulations with timely compliance updates, including the latest tax tables and legislative changes. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to remain compliant.
  • Configurable checklists and automated report generation ensure accuracy and compliance, streamlining operations from employee benefit deductions to timekeeping. This approach guarantees precise and reliable paychecks every month.

Simplified solutions for advanced payroll management

Our system’s continuous processing means payroll data is always current and accessible. Real-time calculations provide transparent insights into payroll expenditures, and self-service options for employees and managers, like direct deposit submissions and pay statement reviews, further streamline the process of payroll outsourcing.

  • Tailored our payroll module to efficiently manage diverse regional tax structures and requirements.
  • Up-to-date tax tables and comprehensive functionalities for tax deposits, filings, and garnishment processing.
  • Payroll compliant with latest regulations with tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of your business in various locations.
  • Instantaneous payroll processing.
  • Customizable payroll checklists.
  • User-friendly entry screens.
  • Direct deposit setup.
  • Payroll alerts.
  • Detailed reconciliation statements.
  • Check printing.
  • Employee direct deposits.
  • Garnishment deduction wizard and reliable vendor validation enhance accuracy and compliance.
  • Tax filings and garnishment management.
  • Robust benefits administration with COBRA and leave management.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities, including change history, cross-year, and Excel® native reports, are supported by an integrated report writer.
  • Setup features including precise tax identification, labor distribution tracking, and support for multiple EINs ensure a flexible experience with payroll services.

Our platform prioritizes data security with secure access controls and event notifications. Integration with third-party software and extensive data storage options shows our commitment to comprehensive payroll solutions.

Streamline your payroll processes

Transparent payroll suite designed for your business

At Green Leaf Business Solutions, our comprehensive payroll suite is just the beginning of what we offer. With over 30 years of rich experience in the financial industry, including banking, human resources, and payroll, our founders and team bring unparalleled expertise to your business. Specializing particularly in Fortune 1000 companies, we possess a deep understanding of what our clients want and need to excel in their respective industries.

Our dedication goes beyond just processing payroll efficiently and swiftly. We ensure full transparency in every aspect of our services, especially for cannabis-related businesses. As experts in this niche, we guide high-risk businesses through the labyrinth of local, state, and federal laws, ensuring we excel in delivering outsource payroll services tailored to each industry.

Connect with us, and let our seasoned professionals bolster your business with their extensive financial expertise. Once you choose us for your payroll management, you’ll be tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help navigate the unique challenges of your industry, no matter what they are.

Choose us for a partnership that goes beyond payroll outsourcing. We’re here to light the way for your business’s growth and success, providing a full range of streamlined management solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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