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Our online platform offers strategic support for success. Navigate benefits and workers’ comp with ease and confidence.

Employee well-being is the cornerstone of any organizational success. From retirement planning and paid time off to support during significant life events. Offering robust benefits and workers’ comp programs addresses the diverse needs of your workforce.

Our online platform consolidates these offerings into a unified, user-friendly platform, streamlining the management of enrollment and tracking processes. With integrated retirement benefit editing directly through our platform, employees can seamlessly align their preferences with their financial goals, ensuring a harmonious connection between benefits and payroll. Usher in a new era of workplace prosperity, where your employees’ needs and organizational goals align seamlessly in one central hub.

easy management of workers compensation and employee benefits for your company

Our platform helps unlock the potential of a motivated workforce

  • Take full control of your benefits plan, shaping eligibility, deduction amounts, and enrollment dates to align with your strategic goals.
  • Streamline the benefits administration process with automated features, including auto-assigning plan profiles to new hires and providing real-time visibility into critical data.
  • Automatically and securely deliver benefits data to various carriers, covering health, voluntary, financial, and more, ensuring a seamless and secure transfer of information.
  • Utilize Smart Forms™ to eliminate concerns about carrier acceptance of EDI files. The system auto-populates digitized forms and sends them to carriers, reducing manual key-in enrollments on carrier sites.
  • User-friendly interface that allows employees to manage their own benefit elections from anywhere on their preferred device.
  • Easy access to plan details, comparisons, and contribution information for employees to make well-informed selections for themselves and their families.
  • And more.

Holistic solution for workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation is not just an insurance requirement. It’s directly tied to payroll wages and class codes in most states, making accurate reporting a critical aspect of your insurance coverage. Our platform recognizes the challenges faced by businesses in its management. By partnering with your local insurance agents, we can streamline your processes, offering proactive solutions that prevent hefty audits. We’ll manage potential discrepancies and empower your business with the financial foresight needed to thrive in a dynamic regulatory landscape.

Shaping the future of your finances

Elevate your business operations with benefits and work comp features

Experience a comprehensive solution that integrates benefits and workers’ comp tools, enhancing efficiency and strategic decision-making in one centralized platform. Access essential management options effortlessly, providing instant, round-the-clock availability for seamless planning, setup, and administration. Ensure accurate and timely information approval through automated workflows, guaranteeing the right people review it at the right time.

Streamline communication of crucial benefits information to employees, automatically updating carriers securely to eliminate manual key-in enrollments on carrier sites. The benefits dashboard offers real-time visibility into key metrics and trends, empowering you to make informed, data-driven decisions about both your people and your business. While Green Life Business Solutions handles the intricacies of benefits, work comp management, complicated leave management, and employee timekeeping tasks, you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

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