Transform Your Workflow with Time – Advanced Time Keeping & Scheduling Platform

Streamline requests, schedules, and attention with Time. Minimize compliance risk through automated notifications and real-time data access.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, Time stands as a pivotal asset for organizations striving to enhance operational efficiency. From effortlessly approving timesheets to managing schedules with flexible workflows, the ability to streamline and automate routine tasks is paramount. By embracing automation, organizations not only optimize their workflows but also minimize compliance risks through real-time access to precise time information. With Time, Green Leaf’s platform, responding to time-off requests and ensuring accurate pay calculations become effortless endeavors.

Accruals and absence management are seamlessly integrated into our unified human capital management (HCM) suite. Our Accruals module accurately and automatically calculates and tracks accrual balances based on your organization’s rules. Simultaneously, the Absence Management module helps you handle leave cases accurately and consistently while also aptly managing benefits and workers’ compensation, preventing litigation and grievances. As part of our unified HCM suite, the Scheduling module takes center stage by automatically generating best-fit schedules tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. This not only helps control labor costs but also minimizes compliance risk, improves productivity, and drives employee engagement. With Green Leaf Business Solutions, compliance becomes not just a requirement but an effortlessly integrated aspect of your organizational workflow.

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Explore our timekeeping features

Say goodbye to the complexities of timekeeping, scheduling, accrual and absence management. Our advanced system brings you cutting-edge features and perks across multiple modules.


  • Streamline your workflow by simplifying everyday tasks related to time and attendance.
  • Enhance compliance and minimize risk with automatic updates to adhere to pay rules.
  • Access strategic insights through real-time reporting
  • Proactively align with organizational goals through timely notifications.
  • Manage time-off requests, schedules, timecards, and overtime requests seamlessly through a tailored employee portal.
  • Track PTO requests and accruals efficiently.
  • Empower employees with self-service scheduling and shift trade boards.
  • Facilitate easy punch-ins via web and mobile applications.
  • Enjoy multiple user-friendly avenues for entering and reviewing time information, whether through time clocks, the web, or mobile devices.


  • Arrange suitable employees with the required skills in the appropriate location at the correct time.
  • Efficiently manage labor costs by making well-informed scheduling decisions that consider budget limitations.
  • Boost workforce productivity by aligning staff coverage with fluctuating business demands.
  • Cultivate employee engagement by granting workers greater control over their schedules through self-service options.
  • Mitigate compliance risks by automatically enforcing scheduling policies, labor laws, and union regulations.
  • Prevent safety concerns by scheduling employees possessing the necessary skills and certifications for their roles.
  • Streamline the creation and administration of schedules, enabling managers to focus on strategic priorities.

Accruals & absence management

  • Automate the precise calculation and tracking of accrual balances according to your organization’s rules
  • Managers gain instant visibility into current accrual status, facilitating transparent and fair treatment of employees while minimizing compliance risks.
  • Streamline compliance management by automating accrual calculations, reducing the burden on administrators
  • Seamlessly handle leave cases with accuracy and consistency
  • Limit unauthorized time-offs and late returns with built-in notifications
  • Automate the enforcement of federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies, including the FMLA

Tap into Time and elevate your operations

Consistent policy enforcement

Customize and enforce fair pay policies effortlessly with our robust calculation engine, ensuring alignment with regulations for consistent treatment.

Diverse data collection

Seamlessly capture accurate data from various sources, adapting to your organizational needs with flexibility in data collection methods.

Accurate time management

Make informed decisions with our user-friendly dashboard, offering real-time tracking and automated notifications for heightened visibility.

Compliance confidence

Minimize compliance risk by tailoring and enforcing comprehensive pay rules, ensuring adherence to federal and state regulations.

Advanced features

Utilize geofencing capabilities, offline punch capture, and in-application push notifications to enhance accessibility and user experience.

Simplify your compliance and reduce risks

Embrace simplified attestation solutions

Elevate your compliance strategy with our robust Attestation Solution, a crucial tool in navigating evolving labor laws and regulations. Accurate time and labor management are paramount in mitigating the risk of lawsuits, union grievances, and audits by regulatory bodies. Our tools seamlessly integrate with our automated time and labor management solution and Physical clock terminal or web entry, offering configurable workflows that capture real-time employee responses.

This integration simplifies adherence to state, local, union, and organization-specific policies and minimizes compliance risks associated with complex regulations. It also ensures accurate capture of employee attestation for meal and rest breaks, a critical aspect in states with specific labor laws. In addition customizable prompts enable employees to attest to compliance with mandated breaks, allowing easy adaptation to applicable laws and policies. Make compliance easier, reduce risks, and foster employee engagement with our cutting-edge technology.

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