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Worker's Comp Solutions for Your Business

Worker’s Compensation is a necessary insurance as soon as you have one employee in most states and it’s an insurance that is directly related to your payroll wages and class codes.

Worker’s Comp carriers will perform an audit on an annual basis to ensure you have reported accurate payroll wages for the year and if they uncover that more wages were paid out than originally quoted, the business is responsible to pay the difference.

This can often be a large amount of money and is usually a surprise to the business owner.

What we have done at Green Leaf to help our clients avoid hefty, unexpected payments and tedious audits is offer “pay as you go” options, as well as robust workers comp reports to help support audits that arise.

In addition to payment and report support, we also partner with local Insurance Agents and can help refer you in the right direction for the best agency that can support the level of risk your company holds.

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